Bathrooms with showers – designs with photos

Photos of exclusive bathroom interiors with shower cabins


Niches in the shower area are very appropriate and practical. You can forget about numerous bottles cluttering the floors or ledges of your bathroom. The ergonomic layout of this design is able to solve all these problems.

You can make a niche as big as you’d like, even including all the walls of the room. At the same time, contrasting colour pattern can decorate the interior. The combination of white and blue is fresh and beautiful.


To make the area stand out, many materials can be used. For example, the insertion of the stones looks original, and glass shelves are almost invisible.


Niches are so appropriate and universal, that they look natural in all shower areas. Even in a Roman minimalist style it’s not a good idea to remove this functional element.


Niches can be placed anywhere, but the design should be well thought through in a glass-enclosed shower cabin. Ensure the position is low enough not to need a stool to reach objects, and easy to access for children.


Depending on the size of the shower, what niche shelves you have may be calculated. They could be small with two compartments, but to accommodating all the planned storage might include a means of adjustment.


In a combined bathroom the most suitable and convenient planning option for niches is a horizontal design.


It is obvious that the usefulness of niches in a shower goes far beyond the boundaries of the shower itself. Therefore it is generally a good idea to place these elements in other parts of the room, for example, over the bath and by the sink.


Naturally, it is better to have three shelves rather than two. This design is more spacious and looks very organic in combination with ceramic tiles and cabinet.


Niches also carry an aesthetic load. The use of decorative tiles and bold combinations of colours and textures help arrange attractive accents in a bathroom interior.


Sometimes symmetry gives pleasure. Here, a glass partition divides the space into two zones. One of them is a shower with no doors and curtains. The unique charm of this section is fulfilled by a wonderful pairing: a ornamental niche and a panel of the same dimensions on the adjacent wall.


Lighting effectively marks out the area, making the shower cabinet particularly stylish. Even so, the design and components remain quite basic and simple.


Although the brightly coloured corner seat is no doubt the centre of the composition, the pleasant non-contrasting niche is also noteworthy.


Of course, instead of one, you can always make two separate niches. Whether it will be more practical is totally down to you.


The variety of forms shower niches can take and solutions they provide allows them to realise not only a practical function, but provide huge scope for creativity. A creative approach to the design of and implementation of a construction can make the overall impression of a bathroom unforgettable.

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Several interesting ideas and tips on design bathrooms!

The top design ideas for bathroom interiors

To replace Soviet-style perceptions, there came about themodern concept of a bathroom as a stylish, individual and functional premises. In itself, the concept of the modern bathroom came to mean not only a fundamental change in the interior of an apartment, but also to ensure maximum comfortable conditions for relaxation and personal hygiene.

When thinking about refurbishment, it can be difficult to navigate the current trends in bathroom design. Here we have a collection of top ideas designed to assist in the design of your bathroom interior and to inspire in the creation of your own unique and multi-functional interior.

Eco-bathroom: using natural materials

The stone and high-tech jungle has become so passé that sometimes we want to get back to basics. Only through nature can we be recharged, gaining strength and energy. This is just what eco-style bathroom suites are designed for. Minimum – synthetic materials, maximum – nature. So what are natural materials best used for in a bathroom?

Wood in a bathroom interior

Environmentally friendly, natural, has a special aroma and texture, wood creates a special ambience in a room. At first glance, it may seem inappropriate to use wood as a material in a bathroom, however, as shown by international experience – wood can be excellent not only for furniture, floors and walls, but even the bath itself. The main thing is to choose the right type of wood.


floor covering from brazil nut wood

Brazil nut wood and brazilwood.  In the past, both these woods were used for bathroom flooring as they have a high content of antiseptic,and are able to resist rotting. They have high moisture resistance and excellent hardness. Logging of Brazil nut trees is now prohibited by law in all three producing countries (Brazil, Bolivia and Peru). Illegal extraction of timber and land clearances present a continuing threat.  Brazilwood is listed as an endangered species by the IUCN, and it is cited in the official list of endangered flora of Brazil. As of 2016, trade in brazilwood is likely to be banned in the immediate future in Europe and the West.


Bathroom in Balau

Balau (sometimes called Bangkiray)  is a tropical exotic hardwood. It features an enviable hardness, resistance to moisture, rot and fungal infection. It withstands high loads and much physical damage. It used for the manufacture of floor coverings and decoration of rooms, including bathrooms.


Bathroom finished in bakuri

Bakuri (also known as Platonia). This has all the characteristics necessary for finishing a bathroom beautifully- it sands down well and is moisture resistant. This material is used for the manufacture of exclusive furniture and parquet.


Bathroom in red wood

Red woods: These include teak, sequoia, kempas, rosewood, mahogany, some species of eucalyptus and meranti). A hard and solid wood, resistant to mechanical stress, lends itself well to polishing and processing, and does not become deformed with prolonged use.


bath from merbau

Merbau. A wood known for its exceptional durability, resistance to moisture, and the ability not to crack over many years. This wood is used for the construction of decks, fitting out on yachts and ships, and is also used for the manufacture of baths.


Boat timber bathroom

Boat timber is widely used in shipbuilding, production of sports equipment, furniture, and floor and deck coverings. It has a yellow or yellow-brown colour, which is under the influence of sunlight changes to uniformly dark brown.


contemporary wooden bathroom interior

Bamboo in the bathroom


bamboo screen in a bathroom

A most amazing plant that is strong but highly hygroscopic. To use bamboo in the bathroom, it is treated with special preservatives and coated with lacquer. Bamboo makes not only attractive accessories, but also panels, flooring and screens, which gives the room personality and a kind of primitive feel.


using bamboo in interior design

Fitting out a bathroom in natural stone

Stone is highly durable and eco-friendly, with remarkable acoustic and thermal insulation characteristics. The main thing to look out for, when fitting out a bathroom in stone, is ensuring good ventilation.


marble bathroom

Marble has been used for millennia in the decor of bathrooms. This beautiful natural material has a unique pattern, which in itself provides individuality and originality for the room. It is used to face walls, cover the floor, and create baths and sink tops.


bathroom designed with granite

Granite can transform your bathroom beyond recognition,giving the room elegant chic while being primitive. Suitable for walls and floors, countertops, borders, steps, raised sections and even baths.


a mosaic from pebbles

Mosaics from natural stones  make a bathroom look expensive and original. For facing walls, use natural materials such as: pebbles, malachite, jasper, granite, marble, slate, lapis lazuli, tuff, or travertine.


shower cabin from natural stone


unusual bathroom design

Combining natural materials in bathroom decor

You can create balanced and unique surroundings for your bathroom by carefully combining natural materials. Bright marble and dark wood, pebbles and bamboo, granite and mahogany, as well as many other combinations will help to express your own personality in interior design.


bringing together marble and wood


wood and stone in harmony


eco-style bathroom


bathroom from stone and wood


a successful marriage of wood and stone

Heightening the excitement of colour

Colour accents in bathrooms play a major role in the fulfilment of an interior, as well as affecting the comfort and mood of the members of the household. Classics of the genre are warm pastel shades – beige, coffee, cream. However, using different colors, you can create a special mood in your bathroom.


bathroom in blue

Blue. Harmony, relaxation, tranquility. Blue can be combined with other cool shades, all the way down to eggshell blue. It blends perfectly with green, white and dark grey.


good matching of blue and grey

Violet. This is a very complex color which should be treated very carefully. It has many shades and tones. Small Bathrooms can be finished with adjacent shades of lavender, lilac, and violet. In large rooms it is advisable to contrast violet with such colours as yellow, white, orange, black, or steel grey.


bathroom in gentle green

Green. Positive and life-affirming. In combination with either other colours or other shades of green, it can give  a wide range of effects. Classics of the genre include the addition of brown, orange, grey, or violet.

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The most expensive shower cabin in the world. The shower you’d like to be seen in.

Design and function of the most expensive shower.


The most expensive shower cabin in the world costs around 120,000 USD and there aren’t many people on the planet who can afford that. It would be interesting to know who of the rich have a shower that can give such intense pleasure. The main characteristic of this ultra-expensive shower cubicle is that it delivers jets of water from 18 different sources, and the shower menu provides different programs designed by leading experts in the field of spa bathing experiences. When you take a shower in this, do you immerse yourself into a state of nirvana?

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Excellent options for arrangement of summer soul looking photos and get your ideas!

Shower for your summer cottage (dacha) – ideas in photos

In the summer it can be hot and stuffy, so the most valuable resource that will help give you  strength and restore your equilibrium is water. You can build an outside shower by yourself, and there are several options for you to choose from, when putting together your summer shower, which can differ in design, principle of operation and, of course, the cost of installation.

An advantage of a summer shower lies in the fact that it requires minimal expense. Especially as in the case of the simplest shower water which is heated by the sun. If you are on a wave of “oneness  with nature” then it’s best if the water in your summer shower is actually rainwater. However, if there’s a drought, you will need a means by  which you can replenish the  water for your shower.


Having a summer shower

Anyway, the most common way of setting up a place for a summer shower is as follows:

A separate cabin is constructed of wood or plastic panels on a metal framework, and perhaps that could even be from brick. A water tank is installed on the roof of the cabin. Then, as we said above, the water in the tank can flow in and also be warmed naturally (rain and heat from the sun), or may be piped in separately by a hose from the source of water for the cottage. The cabin then needs a shower head fed from the tank. If you want the water to then drain away from the garden,then you need to install  a drainage system for the water to leave. To do this, it’s enough to build a floor under a slight slope or better still, have a drain channel in the paving. A means of dealing with outflow water is necessary, if the shower is to be used more than two times per day. If you expect to use a summer shower only rarely, the water outflow can be handled by the natural moisture absorption properties of the soil. The approximate cost of such a summer shower will be in the region of 30 to 100 euros.


Another simple option is a summer shower powered by a pump. This option is the most economical and convenient. This sort of outdoor shower is easy to carry, which is especially convenient for gardeners. So you can have a shower from a garden pump. Its whole design is simple. It consists of a pump, two hoses and an appropriate garden hose attachment. One end of one hose is lowered into any container with water, whether a bucket, canister, or a river. The pump in such constructions is foot-operated, so you will have both hands free to wash and shower. On the other end of the other hose can be a shower head or just a simple water dispenser.

All together this forms the basis from which you can again build a summer shower on your own. And if you have an automatic pump, then perhaps a shower will benefit even more from a summer shower cabin. At the time of writing, the price of a summer shower of this type with a foot-operated  pump costs about 7-10 euros. Models with an automatic “drive” are in the price range of 35 to 110 euros.

3 4

If we consider that a summer shower is not a full shower and just a means by which you can freshen up, wash off the main dirt, then from this point of view, there are still many options for building a “pseudo shower”. But all of them are built on the same principle, in which the source of the water is over your head.

Summer showers – photos

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8 great ideas for the design of bathrooms for relaxation

Ideas for your shower – 8 fabulous yet calming ideas

Modern showers can have many extra features, such as rain mode, side jets, steam and manual shower.
All this helps you to relax after a hard day and get rid of stress. Take note of the environment – surrounded by stained glass, a Roman shower cabin creates a meditative and calming effect. Also, it is impossible not to look more closely at a variety of elegant decorative elements.

Bathroom ideas – the golden mean


Right in the centre of this bathroom there’s a fabulous shower cabin that creates a stunning shower with a glass body and comfortable doors. Even better if the door could be on both sides. Textured walls and ceiling will be the highlight of the interior.

Bathroom ideas – Surroundings


Try to create an all-inclusive space in the room. In the middle of the design, place a fashionable round bath. This is pretty much a non-standard solution, but it will allow you to enjoy the variety of style.

 Bathroom ideas – Behind closed doors


These stylish stained glass doors lead into the room where a ceiling shower is installed. Light comes in through stained-glass windows, providing great chromotherapy for any households. Coloured light helps to restore harmony and make you feel fresher

Bathroom ideas –All-in-one


Save time and save space by placing a bath in the shower. Frameless casing allows you to combine both a shower and a bath in a stunning space.

Bathroom ideas – Ancient history


Turn back to clock and recreate the atmosphere of an ancient Roman bath with arched doorways and marble tiles. A bath made of stainless steel and a luxurious shower with extra features make it easy to unwind and relax in exactly the same way as in an ancient Roman spa.

Bathroom ideas – smooth and contemporary


This shower makes us forget about any traditional perspectives. A glass wall to the sink allows you to divide the space into two parts: a room for washing and a shower. On one side is a mirror, while on the other is a very convenient towel.

Bathroom ideas – soothing and meditative


Cool and dark shades in the shower cabin create a feeling of serenity. The highlight of the design decision is the floor mosaic. Many plumbing functions, shower from the ceiling, side showers, etc. allow you to choose the best solution for your mood of the moment.

Bathroom ideas – the focus of attention


This original shower immediately grabs your attention. Two vertical supports that hide plumbing pipes from view, look elegant and refined. Smooth transitions and glass walls allow you to enjoy a feeling of unlimited freedom.

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Designer curtains for your shower and bathroom

Designer shower curtains from hessian, silk and other unusual fabrics

You can buy any kind of shower curtain you like in today’s supermarkets, from either synthetic or natural materials, and homeowners can sometimes find it difficult to make the right choices to complement a refurbished bathroom.

Today, our article will look at shower curtains made of different materials, and how to choose the right colour scheme for your bathroom for an interior that combines personal hygiene with a look that is harmonious and cosy.


Elegant and modern

When purchasing shower curtains, designers advise you to be selective. Choose from a variety of options most suitable for you, both in terms of price and in quality of use. Ideally, the curtain must be able to be closed quickly and without any jamming, to protect the room from water spray and scattering of shower gel or foam.


There are three main colour options that designers, those who are expert in such matters, offer us: yellow, grey and white. The curtain, made up of a combination of several colours, can give variety and unique style to a room.


Isn’t it time for you to change your old white or monotone curtains for more modern and original curtains, as designer Joel Syaed or the American Standard Designs company urge you? You can hang two curtains instead of one, and when they are not actually needed, fix them to the walls with elegant holders.

Monochrome curtains for showers and bathrooms

Many homeowners are afraid to use colorful curtains in their bathrooms as they feel  personal hygiene is not compatible with multicolored images, while others do not trust  thin and fine curtains made of light material. In this case, they should fit a thick curtain material which will keep its original shape at any water pressure.


At the same time, especial attention should be paid to the clips or rings that hold the curtain on the rails. Today there are many relatively tough attachments that may be found.


If your house has a bathtub made of marble, you need a curtain of dense material with rings stitched into it for fastening on a special rail. Such curtains look pretty solid yet move gently along the rail, firmly closing the entire space from the spray of the shower – advises Mark Williams Design Associates.


Plan Architecture advise that if you have a combined shower and bath, the curtain can be made of light and translucent fabric.


Eclectic shower curtains, our design for the modern age

The word eclectic comes from the Greek eklektikos – the ability to choose and select – to pick-and-mix ideas, attitudes, styles and concepts apparently unconnected, disparate and in some cases seeming to even be incompatible.


Rather original designs and colours for a curtain can transform an ordinary bathroom into a super-fashionable room: it can be enough to pick the colour of the curtain close to the colour of the wallpaper and add unusually brightly-coloured towels


Specifiers of luxury

Curtains of heavy linen fabric make your bathroom seem close to a beach if the whole room is filled with natural light and it seems that everywhere sunlight dapples.

The next option is double curtains with a pelmet suitable for rooms designed in a strict style with elements of chic and lordly wealth. This bathroom can be ideal for an elegant country house and become the pride of a homeowner.


Schleub Architecture offers quite original shower curtains for those who like innovative approaches to the fitting out of rooms of their house – with unusual and highly-refined taste.


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118 great ideas for decoration of your bathroom

Bathroom design in 118 photos

For this article, we’ve gathered together for you a lot of wonderful and varied designs that you could use for a bathroom or shower room.

We hope that these ideas will spark your innermost dreams and help to realize your boldest design decisions.

Here you’ll find ideas in every style: from classical to original designs with unusual light and colour solutions, for large homes and small apartments, and differing functionality.

1 118 117 116 115 114 113 112 111 110 108 109 107 106 105 104 103 102 101 100 99 98 97 96 95 94 93 92 91 90 89 88 87 86 85 84 83 82 81 80 79 78 77 76 75 74 73 72 71 70 69 68 67 66 65 64 63 62 61 60 59 57 58 56 55 54 53 52 51 50 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 39 40 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 17 18 16 15 14 13 12 11 9 10 7 8 5 6 3 4

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Good ideas for decorating the shower in your bathroom!

10 shower ideas – creating comfort for your home


If you’ve decided to buy a shower cabin, stop and think in advance which model will suit you best.

You yourself should create the space around the shower. To help you, here is our selection of original and simple design solutions.

In the same vein


When choosing a shower, think about how much space you have available, your budget and your personal needs, but don’t forget about the style of the interior. For example, a in high-tech style bath is best suited to a design of transparent glass with a black tray. Mixers should match appropriately – chrome with strict geometric forms

The invisible shower

In a small bathroom, you can design a shower corner, which not only does not take up much space, but generally will not be especially noticeable. Cover the walls and floor with the same mosaic, and corner-off the area for water spray on two sides with transparent glass partitions. Although such an environment does not make everyone feel at ease.

A charge of energy


So that your daily morning shower leaves you cheerful and in a good mood, you could make your shower area different if not unique. The bathroom in the photo above is closed off by a plasterboard partition and inside tiled in a light green shade. The entrance to the space is closed off by a bright shower curtain. Towels, bathmat and stools are matched in the same tone.

In the corner


Organize the space properly in a tiny bathroom by using every square centimetre. If the room has a niche, put the shower cabin in it. The wall, tiled, will serve as the back of an improvised cabin. From the outside, install glass doors that will protect the floor from moisture.

Everything at hand


This fully-equipped shower cabin is equipped with a large tray and a semicircular glass door. Inside it there are shelves for soap and shampoo, as well as bars which you can hang clothes or clean towels. All the pipes are concealed in the wall. Not a cheap solution, but very convenient.



Of course, not everyone can, or wants to, take a shower in a specially equipped cabin. One choice is above a bath. You can protect the floor from spray with a conventional shower curtain, but even better (and most importantly, more comfortable) is installing a glass screen such as this one. This solution does not require major changes to the interior of the bathroom..

Colour as decor


You can decorate your bathroom using and finishing materials. But a more original way is to use backlighting, as shown in the bathroom in the photo. Neon tubes have been installed around the perimeter of the bottom of the bath and shower.

But so that such a beautiful glow does not lead to shocking consequences, consult a good electrician before installing such backlighting!

You can’t get simpler than this


If your pocket does not run to a special shower, and rebuilding the side walls to accommodate a shower corner is tricky and expensive, it is possible to come up with a simpler way. In this bathroom, the pipes have been concealed in the wall, and for the water, a small tray has been fitted. To prevent water spraying around the room, the shower is above a podium.

Designer approach


You could buy a ready unit, or you can design your own.

The second option is cheaper and allows you to fine-tune your interior as well as showing off your design talent. For example, this shower consists of two side walls of plasterboard. The back wall and the floor are covered with tiles imitating natural stone.

Compact and bright


A corner shower is a terrific solution for small bathrooms, freeing up valuable space for a sink and a cabinet. or even a washing machine in a design that does not follow Western Building Regulations. In this form, the space for bathing is separated from the rest of the bathroom through glass walls. An outflow takes the water directly into the floor.

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